For the finest quality, lots of options and the ultimate professional photography experience.

$ 2097


Designed for time-poor, sentimental types with a love of home decor and traditional photo sharing.

$ 1097


A starter collection optimised for social sharing. For those who want it now and want to show it off.

$ 797
When should I book?
To avoid missing out on your newborn home session, please book at your earliest convenience. It's unlikely you'll know exactly when your baby is going to arrive so we won't lock in a specific date and time until you contact me after your baby is born. I will, however, reserve space around your due date to make sure I can accommodate you and your family come the time. If you've recently had your baby, please contact me ASAP and I'll certainly do my best to fit you in.
How can I pay?
Debit/credit card online or direct bank transfers (EFT) are accepted when booking. Only debit/credit card payments are accepted in the online gift shop.
Do you offer payment plans?
YES when booking and paying for your collection (and any add-ons.) No-fee, no-interest payment plans (of equal monthly instalments) are easily arranged upon request. For online gift shop purchases, NO, payment plans are not available. Full debit or credit card payment is due upon checkout.
What's the difference between 'collections' and the 'gift shop?'
In order to book your home session, you need to choose and pay for your preferred collection (as listed above.) This happens BEFORE your home session. A collection must be chosen and pain for in order to book. The gift shop is only available AFTER your session, once your online gallery of images is available. The gift shop is for purchasing any additional items you may decide you want after seeing your photos i.e. framed prints, calendars, greeting cards, individual DIY print files etc. It's also great for sharing with loved ones who may wish to order gifts and keepsakes for themselves.
Is there a minimum spend in the gift shop?
No. Purchases are entirely optional. The gift shop is provided for your enjoyment and convenience. It's very common for families to purchase additional products once they've seen and fallen in love with their home session photos, but there is no obligation for you to do so.
I'm not choosing the 'premium' package so how do I get my DIY print files for free?
If choosing the 'basic' or 'popular' collection, you can add any number of add-ons to your collection upon booking. If these, combined with your collection price, total $2000 or more, you will automatically receive your DIY print files for free.
What's the difference between 'social media files' and 'DIY print files?'
SOCIAL MEDIA FILES are optimised for online use: they're web resolution (72dpi) and small enough for fast uploading, and are elegantly watermarked. They won't take up large amounts of storage on your devices or cloud service. They look blurry and pixelated if printed as they're not designed for this purpose. DIY PRINT FILES are optimised for printing (300dpi) and come with permission to print rights, which grant you unlimited and ongoing personal use indefinitely. DIY PRINT FILES are not watermarked and they are large files, which will take up a decent amount of storage on your devices or cloud service.
What's an 'online gallery?'
This is where you'll view all of the finished digital files from your home session and, as the name suggests, it's an online photo gallery. Here, you can create collections of favourite photos and, where relevant, download either social media files (directly onto your own device) and/or DIY print files (to your desktop/laptop only.) You may choose to keep your online gallery private or share the link with loved ones. Your gallery is linked to your gift shop so you can easily switch back and forth between the two.
How does the 'free (optional) mini maternity session' work?
If you would like a free mini maternity session simply let me know upon booking and we will arrange a time (ideally around the 32-36 week mark, depending on your preference and my availability.) Please allow for a one-hour visit. You'll receive a one-minute shareable digital slideshow, an online gallery, and gift shop access.
What can I easily share on Instagram?
You lost me at 'EXTENDED 4K ULTRA HD'' What is that?!
Two slideshow versions are available: the 'one-minute' slideshow' is specifically designed with easy social media sharing in mind (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, email.) It's a smaller version both in terms of quality (1920x1080p) and run time (one minute.) The 'extended 4K ultra HD slideshow' is a pimped up version of this (3840x2160p): it typically contains more photos, runs for longer, and is the highest video quality currently available on the market. Both slideshow versions are downloadable but if you want to watch and share yours on screens larger than computers, tablets and phone, the 4K ultra HD slideshow will be better suited.
What's the difference between a BOARD BOOK and a FINE ART PHOTOBOOK?
Quality and size. BOARD BOOKS are 7x7-inches (18x18cm) where FINE ART PHOTOBOOKS are 10x10 (26x26cm.) BOARD BOOK pages are printed on traditional lustre/semi-gloss photo paper making them pretty hardy and fingerprint resistant. Their covers are printed on thick card. FINE ART PHOTOBOOK pages are printed on fine art matte paper and you can choose between a linen (plain cloth) or image wrap (designed with a photo and text etc.) cover. Both books are custom designed for you based on the photos from your home session and information provided (birth statistics, family history details etc.)
How does the FRAME CREDIT work?
You will be provided with a coupon code for the relevant amount of credit ($50 with the POPULAR collection, $150 with the PREMIUM collection.) When your gift shop is ready, you can shop for frames, add them to your cart, and apply said code at checkout.
What sort of frames are available?
Two styles: traditional and clear. Traditional frames have a photo in the middle surrounded by a white border and come in four timber colours (white, black, oak, walnut), and four sizes (5x7, 8x10, 11x14, and 20x24 inches.) Clear frames have a photo in the middle surrounded by a clear/transparent border. The photos themselves have a white hand-torn border and appear to 'float' inside the clear frame. Clear frames are available in two styles (desktop or wall), four sizes (5x7, 8x10, 16x16, and 16x20 inches), and five matte timber colours (white, black, oak, walnut, and ash.)
What's the turnaround time between session and online gallery viewing?
I want my session on a weekend. How can I arrange that?
Because families are my life (both yours AND mine) limited weekend sessions are available and by special request only. A $200 weekend levy will be added to your collection price. Newborn home sessions are held on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings (except during school holidays.) Limited weekend sessions are available in the school holidays but places fill fast so please contact me ASAP to check availability.