Hello Mollie!

Newborn Photos at Home, Fairfield

"Absolutely love your beautiful, relaxed, natural style - stunning!"

Mollie's mum, Lucy

Via Referral

A friend of a friend (no, really!) recommended me to Mollie's mum, Lucy, who was looking for natural and relaxed newborn photos at home in Fairfield.

Said friend of a friend is friends with a dear girlfriend of mine (I know, this is getting ridiculous) for whom I've photographed each of her births, newborn home sessions, and growing family a number of times.

Moving on.

Lucy got in touch with me a few weeks after her baby girl, Mollie, was born.

"Your style of photography, which captures life as it happens, was totally what I was drawn to."

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"So glad to hear you'll cope with us, mess and all...I'll try and make sure there are no undies on the ground though, haha!" - Lucy

Just like Renee Zellweger to Tom Cruise in Jerry Maguire, Lucy, you had me at, "I'll try and make sure there are no undies on the ground!"

Girl, you are speakin' my language! I won't go quite so far as to suggest you complete me, however I do indeed quite like you already.

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Lucy's Why

Lucy and her 'super chilled' husband, Steve, said they were completely blown away by the arrival of their baby girl and consequently, how much she'd filled their hearts with love.

"It seems just fitting to capture a small part of this precious time in a way that we can keep enjoying for years to come." - Lucy

As Lucy described it, the warm, informal and intimate look and feel of my newborn lifestyle photography was, "A nice and relaxed way to capture life in this special time."

Lucy and Steve had decided prior to their newborn photos in Fairfield they wanted:

  • a couple of photos framed on the wall
  • a way to share some photos with family and friends;
  • and something in the way of an announcement/thank you card.
Greeting card designer, pic-time, Katrina Ferguson
ABOVE: A greeting card example created with the DIY card designer in the KF shop. All KF clients have an online shop adjoining their personal gallery, where you can make cards by selecting your preferred size, language, occasion, orientation, layout, and written detail
ABOVE: A photo frame example created with the DIY frame designer in the KF shop. You choose the size of your frame, the size and crop of the photo inside, then your favourite frame colour, and see a live preview of the finished product
Photo frame, Katrina Ferguson shop, DIY designer, pic-time
ABOVE: Ready-to-hang framed prints are ordered online and delivered to your door. No time wasted searching for frames or printing from chain store instant booths. The DIY frame designer in the KF shop takes the guesswork out of the 'but how's it gonna look?!' process

Fine Art Photo Album

Lucy, Steve and I chatted during their session about the disaster they'd had chasing up their wedding album from the photographer they'd hired who created stunning photos but proved super difficult to get a hold of after the fact (sadly, it's a common story.)

Fortunately I could promise that sort of thing wouldn't happen again and some weeks later, with my three kids lapping at my side, I delivered Mollie's fine art album to their front door.

Fine art photo album hand-crafted in Australia
ABOVE: The 10x10-inch hand-crafted fine art album delivered to Lucy, Steve and Mollie's door
Fine art photo album hand-crafted in Australia
ABOVE: A close-up of the custom laser engraving on Mollie's 10x10-inch Australian-made fine art album

Why a Home Session Album?

Albums (and/or photo books) go together with any sort of family or newborn lifestyle photography as plainly as all the classic combos: cheese and Vegemite, jam and cream, gin and tonic, Torvill and Dean.

Lucy and Steve agreed and ordered Lucy's hand-crafted fine art album through their KF shop and as a result, will forever have this epic keepsake piece in their family...and generations beyond.

Now that's what I call a gift.

(Side note: my baby album has photos in it for the first six pages and remains empty beyond that...so I may or may not bit a tad envious.)

Inside a fine art photo album by Katrina Ferguson
ABOVE: A double-page spread inside Mollie's Australian-made fine art album littered with newborn photos from their home in Fairfield.
ABOVE: Custom details just for Mollie including engraved personalisation and a silk placeholder ribbon.
Selection of linen fine art album colour swatches
ABOVE: Some of the different coloured linens available for fine art albums

A Sense of Spirit

You'll see a lady in some of the photos you might naturally assume is Lucy's mum.

However, while the resemblance is certainly strong, it's actually Lucy's aunty, Licity, who spent some time staying with the family in Fairfield during their early days at home as new parents.

Lucy unfortunately lost her mum some time ago but in the room at the time of taking these photos - and especially looking back at the finished product - you certainly get the sense there's more to them than only the people you can see.

Newborn lifestyle photography Fairfield, women, baby
ABOVE: Three in the photo, four there in spirit no doubt. Lucy lost her mum some time ago but her mother's sister, Licity, took on a grandma-figure role with ease. I love how the light gently fades on Licity's face in this photo and becomes almost symbolic of Lucy's mum's presence there
Newborn lifestyle photography Fairfield, grandmother with a newborn
ABOVE: Grandmother figure, Licity (Mollie's great-aunt), sneaks in a cuddle of her own.

Digital Files

Undoubtedly everyone loves the flexibility and the sense of security that comes with purchasing their high resolution digital files.

It gives you a sense of control and excitement over the limitless options now at your fingertips.

Wanna print 'em? Go for it.

Keen to create a DIY photobook? Go nuts.

Wanna make multiple digital copies and store them in different places so they'll 'never' be lost, destroyed or corrupted?

Likewise, please do just that...it's super important!

But - and there is a big old fat 'but' with digital files - there are also some downsides to purchasing them, ESPECIALLY if you don't complement that purchase with physical, real-life, hold-in-your-hand printed products.

Photo Frame Mockup by Katrina Ferguson
ABOVE: Digital files can be so awesome to have but ahhhhhh, you can't beat that frame-on-the-wall look and feeling. This is digital mockup of the natural wood frame for sale in the KF shop

Overwhelm: When the 'Relaxed' Part of a Home Session Dissolves

Having all your high resolution digital files can be super overwhelming because you can do anything you want with them (as long as it's for personal use.)

Anything you want.

You can print them all, as many times as you want, or create any consumer photo product you like that's out there on the market.

Anything and everything:

  • prints
  • canvas
  • cards
  • photobooks
  • mugs
  • key rings
  • snowglobes
  • t-shirts
  • tote bags
  • cushions
  • calendars
  • decals
  • stickers
  • puzzles
  • playing cards
  • diaries...and so on (feeling overwhelmed yet?!)

You'll also have to consider things like:

  • where do I start?
  • when do I do it?
  • how do I do it?
  • where do I go?
  • how do I manage the files?
  • where should I avoid?
  • how much should I pay?
  • what's the quality going to be like?
  • how long will the prints or products last?
  • how do I design photobooks and products?

There's so much to consider and make decisions about, not to mention having to find and set time aside to organise these things.

After that, you also have to deal with some of the likely technical and design frustrations of online and in-store software and printing booths etc.

"I’m way too disorganised to make the most of having the electronic prints all to myself!" - Lucy

On the Other Hand

If you're confident you know how to store and manage high resolution digital files and have a trusted source of decent photo prints and products (and a little bit of design sense and technical knowledge in the mix) then purchasing your high resolution digital files is a really good idea.

Undeniably, you'll get excellent value for money.

No doubt about it.

Katrina Ferguson Online Shop Download Photos Option
ABOVE: If you're familiar with handling photo files and confident you'll use them, high resolution digital files offer awesome value. You can purchase them straight from your KF shop and download immediately and directly to your computer, Dropbox or Google Photos account.

Conversely, if you're feeling a bit overwhelmed with the thought of what and how to actually do anything with high resolution digital files or (and this one is incredibly common) if you think you'll get to them one day and instead they end up lost in the cloud or on a USB somewhere or - worse - you lose them altogether, then high resolution digital files are verging on a waste of money for you.

That being the case, you'll certainly be far better off putting your money towards done-for-you finished products like ready-to-hang photo frames and ready-to-share photobooks, albums, photo blocks etc.

Page-by-Page Album Video

Here's an opportunity to see how this collection of photos from a newborn home session in Fairfield comes together in album to help tell the story of who a family is, where and how they live...and above all, how they love.

Newborn Photos in Fairfield - Browse the Collection

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