Blogging huh?!

About Bloody Time!

Soooo, it’s 2019…and I’m only just learning how to blog 😊.

It’s new and exciting and I’ve little idea what I’m doing but am keen to give it a crack nonetheless (pardon the pun.)

Newborn being changed on a white table in the nursery/office
THREE FOR THREE: My third time photographing the Anderson family at home, after the birth of their third baby girl. A growing family meant the office and nursery became one and the same. I laughed knowingly as mum, Tara, told me about their delay in setting up a ‘proper’ nursery for baby number three. We did (or perhaps didn’t do) the exact same thing for our third child….and she a) survived, thrived and b) couldn’t have cared less.

With that said, best I start juggling my camera with my keyboard and see how I go.

If all else fails, I’ll need to “Keep calm and Google it” as the Anderson’s office/nursery mouse pad above suggests.

More posts coming to you soon (and all going well they’ll be a damn sight more interesting than this first one.)

P.S If there’s anything specific you’d like to ask, read about or see from a lifestyle photographer and newborn home session specialist like me (a lot like me in fact), please leave a comment or question below and I’ll be happy to get back to you. Thank you.

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