2018 Highlights

Newborns & Families & Births, oh my!

Time to share these 2018 home session highlights.

I worked with various families in and around Melbourne and captured hundreds of meaningful photos for them to treasure and look back on; photos they've since gifted their child (or children) as a means of building up their sense of self identity and place in the world.

Priceless stuff really ✅.

So, please peruse this brief home session highlights reel from 2018 celebrating some of the newborns I photographed and families I spent time with.

And / or scroll down to check out a selection of the still photographs for your extended viewing pleasure.

If the natural and unaffected style of my photography suits your taste and you'd like to organise a home session of your own, please contact me to make a booking.

Focus on and invest in the meaningful, long-lasting things.

If you're as grossly sentimental as I am, few possessions will matter as much to you as the photos and videos captured across your lifetime...and same goes for your child or children no doubt 💛.

So kick off their personal photo collection with a glorious bang.

Book a home session with me today.

ABOVE: Highlights from newborns, families and births I photographed in 2018.

Home Session Highlights

The awesome thing about family lifestyle photos is they become even more valuable to us over time; they appreciate in our emotional bank if you will.

And it's in the looking back once years have passed that their worth becomes so abundantly clear.

Any parent, in particular, will tell you that.

These moments and expressions are so fleeting.

Babies and children change so damn fast.

"Blink and you'll miss it!" they say.

Take photos and videos though, and at least you get to relive it on demand.

And that, my photo-loving friend, is certainly better than nothing 💛.

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